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About Us

On the Brightside of Education

At the Brightside Academy, we explore an excitingly different approach to academic excellence. We are an international school offering a bilingual programme for children aged 2-15 years.

We’ve taken the traditional French curriculum (Cycles 1 to 4), added a touch of English flair and come up with a broader, more interesting learning experience for all.

Confidence is well-known to build personality and open doors. As such, we promote and celebrate individuality and diversity at our school every day. We strive to create well-rounded, confident children, fully equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them now and in the future.

Our Philosophy

At Brightside, we believe in the transformative powers of a bilingual education. And, we know that exposing children to more than one language at an early age is crucial.


This is why all of our early-years classes are delivered primarily in English. We take full advantage of the pre-school children's natural curiosity and innate ability to learn new things without question or complaint.


Primary and Secondary School

As our students progress into the primary school and beyond, we continue their development as “language aware” bilingual learners. The two languages of instruction at Brightside are English and French.


In the primary section, students receive 80% of the curriculum in English. And this year, our secondary students will for the first time, be coached towards the French International Baccalaureate (OIB).


All children also have the opportunity to learn Spanish.


We see our teachers as key players in creating an internationally-minded environment. The celebration of all languages and world cultures has a very welcome place with us. We take great pride in being a diverse and inclusive international school, where students and staff respect all cultural backgrounds.


Currently, all of our English language team are highly motivated, internationally experienced and well qualified teachers hailing from every corner of Great Britain. Our French language staff are all equally skilled in their respective fields.

Working together, our commitment is to provide a world-class education and experience to children from our region and to the youngsters of Lake Geneva’s growing international community.

We provide challenging curricula. Every lesson is carefully developed to encourage, inspire and nurture our students. It is our mission to help create active, compassionate, life-long learners who are also well-placed to thrive at whatever they want to become, anywhere in the world.

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