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The Bright Times Blog

Welcome to our Bright Times Blog. Here you will find out about the ongoings of our school year. From our school trips, art projects, whole school projects, themed days and much more... Enjoy the scroll and keep coming back to learn more on what happens at our ever busy school. 

Plastic Bottle at Beach

Earth Week

We recently celebrated Earth Week here at Brightside. We learned about what we can do as a school to improve our impact on the planet. Here are the matters we explored:

-minimizing waste at the canteen.

-litter picking

-received a visit from Thonon agglomération to educate the children about recycling 

-worked on art projects using recycled materials

-applied a new recycling system within the school

-explored and created eco-houses


We started the week off by holding a school assembly. Our teachers, Hannah and Charlotte hosted the assembly. They explained why we need to take better care of our planet and how. We then held a discussion on what we will do as a school to help the matter.



The school pupils spent and hour cleaning the surrounding areas of the school, the forest and the playgrounds. It was a successful clean up !


Thonon Agglomération

Amandine from Thonon agglomération came to educate the children on how to recycle and sort our waste correctly. Following this discussion, the children explored workshops on the life cycle of a plant, pollution, and a chance to sort waste out themselves. We are anticipating the return of Amandine as we have requested to have our very own compost bin here at school. 
Following this visit, we have installed a system within our school to recycle all of our waste and the children have adapted well to this. They are now conscious of what goes in which coloured bin and continue to double check with a teacher. 


Our Art Projects

Each class worked on a project using only recycled items, here are the results:

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