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IIn the Primary School this year, we've finished the first term with our decorative Christmas doors. Down in the reception area, a tree and presents. And, in the pre-school, some lovely paintings representing good old Father Christmas! 


Throughout this Autumn Term 2022, our students at pre-school and Primary School level have been very busy in the Art Department. From autumnal leaves to pigs, sheep and penguins, our pre-school children have been really busy learning about animals in English and French. 

In the Primary Section and with our small group of College students, the Art teacher, Hannah has been inspired by the fallen leaves her students found on a nature walk, and also by Matisse and Paul Klee. In the upstairs hallway, we've been displaying some beautiful Matisse inspired collage work all term.   


In the anglophone world, from the U.S. to Canada, the U.K. to Ireland and beyond, Halloween is a really, really, reeeeeeaaaaaally big deal! 

This autumn term 2022 at Brightside Academy, our students really got into the theme. We've been "Trick or Treating" around our neighbouring businesses and decorating our hallways with cobwebs and spiders, bats and Jack-o-lanterns aplenty. Our half term Halloween Party 2022 was also a resounding success.  


From September - December 2022, our CP classroom teacher Mari from Wales must surely win the prize for "Most Wonderfully Decorated Classroom". 

As she now begins her maternity leave this Christmas everyone in the Brightside community wishes her and her family every happiness!!!


Throughout the Autumn Term 2022, our primary and college students have enjoyed numerous new opportunities. A chess club every Thursday lunch time has been very well received. The League and a Cup competition begin in January 2023. Our young historians have been learning about Knights and the middle ages in English and French with Stephen, Hannah has taken our young geographers on a day trip to nearby Thonon-les-Bains. In Science, the solar system has been the order of the day. And, in English, our beginners have been getting to grips with "To Be" and "To Have" using Julia Donaldson's classic, The Gruffalo. Our bilingual students have been adding to their vocabularies with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

ENGLISH - Theatre Week                   9-13th January 2023

Fausto is a French-Spanish professional actor and theatrical set designer. He's worked in the industry for over 30 years. But more recently, he's dedicated more and more of his time to sharing his art with children of all ages from infants right through to sixth formers. His lessons are deeply rooted in theory but are adapted for the different age groups he works with.

The aim is always to engage children to be able to express themselves confidently both orally and physically.

FRENCH - La semaine de théâtre       9-13 janvier 2023

Fausto est un comédien et scénographe professionnel franco-espagnol. Il travaille dans l'industrie depuis plus de 30 ans. Mais plus récemment, il consacre de plus en plus de son temps à partager son art avec des enfants de tous âges, de la maternelle au lycée. Ses cours sont profondément ancrés dans la théorie mais sont adaptés aux différents groupes d'âge avec lesquels il travaille. L'objectif est toujours d'inspirer les enfants à s'exprimer avec confiance à la fois oralement et par leurs actions corporelles.

Stephen, Réseaux sociaux

Fausto lesson.jpg

Rock Climbing

In Physical Education this Thursday 19th January, Julie escorted the primary and secondary kids to their first indoor rock climbing session of the year!

"It was brilliant fun!" - Auguste, 3eme Student


En Education Physique ce jeudi 19 janvier, Julie a accompagné les enfants du primaire et du secondaire à leur première séance d'escalade en salle de l'année !

"C'était super amusant !" - Auguste, élève de 3ème

Brightside Chess League 19/01/2023

Notre première ligue d'échecs 2023 a commencé cette semaine. Le premier match officiel était entre Melissa CE2 et Evan 5eme.
C'était un bon match, avec Evan gagnant par échec et mat et 38-24 points.


 Our first Chess League 2023 started this week. The first official match was between Melissa CE2 and Evan 5eme.

It was a good match, with Evan winning by checkmate and 38-24 points.


Les œuvres d'art inspirées d'Hannah exposées à l'école cette semaine 20/02/2023 - 24/02/2023. // Hannah's inspired artwork on display at school this week 20/02/2023 - 24/03/2023:

Brightside Feb 2.jpg

April/avril 2023
Français: Les vacances de Pâques sont désormais derrière nous et elles ont occupé une grande partie de ce mois. y a encore eu beaucoup de réalisations à célébrer à Brightside en avril 2023.

English: The Easter holidays are now behind us and they took up a large part of this month. But... there were still plenty of achievements to celebrate at Brightside in April 2023.

Animal area.jpg



May 2023
EN: This month we've had the parents in to help decorate both indoors and out. 
And, of course, May is an important time for our college kids studying for their tests! 

FR: Ce mois-ci, nous avons invité les parents à nous aider à décorer l'intérieur et l'extérieur.
Et, bien sûr, le mois de mai est une période importante pour nos collégiens qui préparent leurs examens !


June & July 2023 -
Scotland & Clermont Ferrand


During the last two weeks of this fantastic year at Brightside Academy, all of our primary and departing college students have been able to take advantage of two educational and fun school visits. In June, Hannah and Lisa led a group of five students to Edinburgh in Scotland for a fabulous four day adventure! 

Those who did not go with them were fortunate enough to spend their last week of term at an outdoor activity centre in Clermont Ferrand, Massif Central. 

Au cours des deux dernières semaines de cette année fantastique à Brightside Academy, tous nos élèves du primaire et du collège ont pu profiter de deux visites scolaires éducatives et amusantes. En juin, Hannah et Lisa ont emmené un groupe de cinq étudiants à Édimbourg, en Écosse, pour une fabuleuse aventure de quatre jours !

Ceux qui ne les accompagnaient pas ont eu la chance de passer leur dernière semaine  dans un centre d'activités de pleine nature à Clermont Ferrand, Massif Central.

puy de dome.jpg

Splashing into the summer holidays, those who didn't go to Massif Central had a day at the lake to cool off in the summer heat!

Ceux qui n'étaient pas allés au Massif Central ont eu une journée au lac pour se rafraîchir dans la chaleur estivale !

lAc 2.jpg
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